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My ratings for Korean dramas.

Before reading this post, please read the first part of my previous post here.

This post is going to be a list of Korean dramas I have watched and that I recommend, with the rating which I give them. The list will be in order of which dramas I think are worth watching first, but not in order of the number of stars I give the drama.

  1. 49 Days/ 49일 – ★★★★★49-Days15Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2011

    I cheated when rating this drama and even on my previous post I gave it more stars than the rating! But this is my favourite drama!

  2. Level 7 Civil Servant/ 7급 공무원 – ★★★☆☆Level-7-Civil-Servant-Poster-2-copyGenre: Action, Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2013
  3. Flower Boys Next Door/ 이웃집 꽃미남 – ★★★★★flowerboy1

     Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2013
  4. The Virus/ 더바이러스 – ★★★☆☆250px-The_Virus_-_Korean_Drama-p1Genre: Mystery, Action
    Aired: 2013

    You can read a review of this drama here.

  5. Fugitive: Plan B/ 도망자 Plan B – ★★★★★the-fugitive-plan-b-posterGenre: Action, Crime, Thriller, Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2010
  6. Personal Preference  Personal Taste / 개인의 취향 – ★★★★★230310-personal-taste2Genre: Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2010
  7. My Girlfriend is a nine tailed fox/ 내 여자친구는 구미호 – ★★★★★My_Girlfriend_is_a_Nine-Tailed_Fox_Korean_Drama_2010_4353_posterGenre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2010
  8. Iris/ 아이리스 – ★★★★★irisGenre: Action, Mystery, Thriller, Romance
    Aired: 2009
  9. To The Beautiful You/ 아름다운 그대에게 – ★★★★☆To-the-Beautiful-You-Poster1Genre: Romance, Comedy, Teen
    Aired: 2012
  10. City Hunter/ 시티헌터 – ★★★★★Min-Ho-City-Hunter-lee-min-ho-34383252-507-633Genre: Action, Crime, Suspense, Romance
    Aired: 2011
  11. Secret Garden/ 시크릿 가든 – ★★★★☆Secret-Garden31Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
    Aired: 2010-2011
  12. Boys over Flowers/ 꽃보다 남자 – ★★★☆☆Korean-Drama-Boys-Over-FlowersGenre: Romance, Teen, Comedy
    Aired: 2009

    Honestly, if I had watched this drama when I was 16, I would have given it full marks! But I’m just a bit too old for this drama. But Lee Min Ho is obviously perfect!

  13. Coffee Prince/ 커피프린스 1호점 – ★★★☆☆Coffee-Prince-2Genre: Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2007
  14. Faith/ 신의 – ★★★☆☆faithGenre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Medical,
    Aired: 2012
  15. Dating Agency; Cyrano/ 연애조작단; 시라노 – ★★★☆☆Dating_Agency_Cyrano-0001Genre: Romance, Comdey
    Aired: 2013

So, there you go! That is the list of all Korean dramas I have watched. If you would like to read a bit about some of these please read here if you haven’t already!

If you watch any of these dramas or if you have already, please comment bellow on what mark you give it and why you liked or didn’t like it!