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5 Things I do in Korea that I Wouldn’t in London

I’ve been thinking about the differences in my life since I moved to Korea. Mainly I have been reflecting on how my daily life has changed and the things that I do regularly here that I wouldn’t have done back home. Obviously living in a different country is bound to change you a bit, but I didn’t realize that the things I do often in Korea are things I would never do back home!
So here are the 5 things I do in Korea that I wouldn’t do in London.

1. Get my nails done on a regular bases

The nail design I got in January 2020

I’ve always been a fan of doing my nails, but when I was back home I would do them myself. My lovely sister had purchased a gel nail kit and so I had long lasting nail varnish at no cost! When I moved to Korea, I couldn’t bring her kit with me, and I am too lazy to buy my own! So, I never used to do my nails, they became weak and they looked so ugly. After about two years of being here, I decided to get my nails done, and I have not looked back ever since! I found a nail artist who does my nails perfectly everytime, so I go there monthly to get my nails done… I know, that’s often! But my nails have become stronger and I am definetly addicted to getting my nails done.

2. Hair treatment and perm

My hair at its longest/healthiest

I have extremely frizzy and curly natural hair and because I don’t know how to manage my hair when it’s curly, I have been straightening it (with my trusty GHDs) since I was in secondary school. However, straightening it every day for over 10 years has led to a lot of damage and my hair not growing past the top of my shoulders. So after about 2 years of living in Korea, someone recommended that I get a straight perm instead of damaging my hair with heat. Usually, I am against chemical treatments, but Korean summers are so humid!!!! Humidity and curly hair are not friends. So I gave it a try. Now I can’t stop getting it done.
Reason why I do it: My hair has gotten longer, mornings are easier, it’s reasonably priced.
Reasons why I wouldn’t do it in London:
Again, it’s expensive. Also, I have had really bad luck with hair dressers in London. I haven’t found someone who knows how to do my hair well.

If you guys are interested in straight perm and my experience with it, let me know in the comments!

3. Taking taxis

This is one that I wish I didn’t do. However, I live in a new city and the transport connection to other cities is not very good.
Reasons why I do it:
While there is a way to get places without taking a taxi, it takes twice as long and multiple forms of transport. Also, although taxi fees have gone up since I first came to Korea, taxi’s are relatively cheap, especially if you are traveling with a friend.
Reasons why I wouldn’t in London:
Transport for London (TFL) is amazing! The only time I have used a taxi in London was when I had multiple pieces of luggage and wasn’t able to walk from the bus stop to my house!

4. Eating out on a regular basis

My favourite food in Korea, beef intestines (겁창)!

Now, I have cut down on this one as I am trying to lose weight, but before this year I did it often. Eating out or ordering in is so easy and affordable in Korea. The biggest problem I have with Korea is how expensive produce is. Any fresh food costs way more than it should.
Reasons why I do it:
I can eat delicious foods like 겁창 and other Korean foods easily. Eating out is usually cheaper than buying food and making it at home.
Reasons why I wouldn’t do it in London:
I lived at home with my family, so if my mum didn’t cook, my grandma would have cooked something. Also, vegetables are way cheaper in London than in Korea.

5. PC room

I am currently in one, and most of the blog posts I have done in Korea have been produced in a PC room. In the first 4 years that I lived in Korea, I never went to a PC room. I guess in England they call them internet cafes, but reagardless, I had never been to one before. A few years ago, my best friend started gaming and so I thought I should go with him to see what the hype was about, I am glad I came!
Reasons why I do it:
Comfortable seats, big screens, nice keyboards (I love the sound of typing), snacks, drinks, good quality headphones, my laptop died, R.I.P. my baby!
Reasons why I wouldn’t in London:
Internet cafes in London look a bit run down, my laptop was still alive (R.I.P. my baby).

So there you have it! 5 things I do in Korea that I would never do in London.
If you are reading this post in Korea, is there something you do here that you would never do back home?
Also, if you are reading from your home country, what do you think about the things I do here that I wouldn’t do back home? Do you do some of them in your home country/city?

Let me know in the comments below!

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5 must-haves for your bag

Men! Please don’t leave. Although this post may sound like it’s just for girls, these are essentials. You might not be able to put all 5 in your back pocket, but you can fit 1 or 2 in!

Ladies, welcome!

I used to walk around with a bag that I could fit everything in but the kitchen sink. So, last year I decided to save my back and shoulder by only buying small bags. I suggest you do the same! It has made my life so much more simple and I don’t have to search in my bag for something I might not have. I know exactly what is in my bag!

To help everyone, I have come up with the 5 things you must have in your bag.

  1. Tissue.

    Sometimes, I forget to put a new pack of pocket tissues in my bag. Every time that happens, I regret it so much. Especially living in Korea. For some reason, some public toilets don’t have toilet tissue. They have toilet tissue holders, but no toilet rolls. The places in that building usually provide toilet paper.
    Also, you never know when you are going to sneeze…
    So, tissue!

    유한킴벌리 크리넥스 카카오 프렌즈 여행용 티슈 50매 이미지
    Buy these cute Kakao friends tissues!

  2. Mints or Gum.
    (If your bag is big enough, toothbrush and toothpaste)

    Sometimes, you eat something smelly but you can’t go home to brush your teeth. When I moved to Korea, I noticed that all the Korean teachers would brush their teeth after eating lunch. So, I started to do it too. I regret nothing!
    I guess Korean food uses more garlic and it has very strong flavours and scents, so it lingers in your mouth.

  3. Hand Sanitizer.

    I feel like this one doesn’t need an explanation, but just in case…
    When there is no soap around, you can still kill germs if you have hand sanitizer. If you are like me, and you hate ‘pull’ doors because you have to use your hand, this should be the first thing you put in your bag!

    Nature Republic Hand and Nature Sanitizer Gel korean cosmetic bodyhair product online shop malaysia usa macau
    If you hate the smell of rubbing alcohol, buy a flavoured one!

  4. Stain remover.

    Hello, my name is Dina. My favourite colour to wear is white, and I am a master at spilling food on myself.
    Even if you are usually good at keeping food off your front, I would carry one round, just in case.

    오 오래된얼룩은 확실히 양이 만ㄹ니 필요하깅한데 지워져여...

    Here is the stain remover spray I always have in my bag!

  5. Perfume.

    I know that this isn’t really small, but when you are out for the whole day and have plans in the evening, you will be so happy that you have perfume or fragrance in your bag.
    If you have a Travalo, you are all set! I lost mine, so I just purchased a mini version of my favourite perfume!

    If you are in Korea, buy your Travalo here!

I hope you have enjoyed this post!
If you would like to see more like this, please comment below!


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Inspirational sad day

Today is problem one of the first times I have had a bad day at this job. My day wasn’t even bad but something extremely sad and touching happened while I was at work.

I was sitting in the staff office at 5:45 waiting for my next class to start at 6:45, when the owner of my school comes in and says to me.
‘Dina, you have a class at 6pm?’
‘No I have a class at 6:45pm’
We actually teach the same class but he is there Korean teacher and I am their English teacher. He asks me if I can teach them at 6pm instead of 6:45pm. I think yes, thank you. Because it means that I can finish teaching at 6:40pm and then go home or if not, do paper work until 7:20pm.
When I asked why, I did not expect to hear this story.

He explained to me that someone came in and asked for lessons. This person is disabled (handicapped). His wish is to learn English. He wants to learn so that he has more chances of getting a job or living abroad so he can live a better life. However, because of his disabilities, every company has turned him away.
I’m not sure of his age but when I saw him, I could tell he is older then other students at our school because we only teach Kindergarten and Elementary.
My director/ boss said he will teach this boy because he can see how happy it makes him.

You are probably thinking, other companies rejected him because it is unfair to take his money. I even thought the same but my director is teaching him without taking any money. My eyes were watering when he told me about this person who has been rejected to education. The one thing that he is actively searching for and I thought to myself, what world are we living in? And how amazing is my director?

Education is one thing that everyone takes for granted at one stage or another. But it meant so much to this young man that even after rejection because of his disabilities, he kept going to different companies and schools until he found  someone that accepted him.
Allowing one student to enter your academy for free is not going to cause bankruptcy.

The kindness that I saw from my director was so touching and I was so sad that this young man was rejected by so many companies.
My director is teaching him English from scratch. I am going to keep asking for updates on this student because he has touched something in me today that made me realise again that we live in a horrible world. But there are amazing people like him and my director who give this world a little bit of hope.

Be kind.

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6 Months

I can not believe it has been 6 months since I arrived back in Korea.

I have had the craziest time here. Good and bad. I’ve experienced more in these 6 months than I have in my whole life. There are a few things I wish did not happen but for most of these 6 months, I have had the greatest time.

I feel like the time has gone so fast but I haven’t done much so I am hoping in the following 6 months I will explore Korea more and really make my time here count.

I don’t miss London yet but I miss my family so much. They are the only things which is missing in my life a the moment. But me being here wouldn’t be possible without them.

What should I do in the next 6 months that I should have already done?
Let me know and I will write a blog post about it when I do it!

There are so many amazing people who I have met in the past 6 months who have made my time here so amazing (Nick, I know you are reading this and you know you are the main one).
When I was moving here people would always say to me ‘You only stayed there one month are you sure you can live there’?
Guess what, you should move to Korea and live a little!

I am looking forward to the following months. My favourite season, Winter is on it’s way! I want to feel the brittle coldness that is Korean winter! Let’s hope that more amazing things happen during the rest of my time here!