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10 must watch Korean movies

I come to you, extremely tired, from a PC room.
I made a promise to myself to keep blogging, so I put 10,000₩ (about £7) on my PC room membership. Although I am extremely tired, I owe it to myself (and you guys!) to keep blogging!

Please check out my list series here.

The list that I have decided to make today is, what I think are the 10 must watch Korean movies.
When I first became interested in Korean culture, it was actually movies that drew me in. Korean cinema has remained my favourite part of Korean media! So I have a lot of opinions on this category!
I will try to keep this post short, but I can’t promise! I will also try to involve all genres of film!

  1. Miracle in Cell No.7 (7번방의 선물, 2013)Drama/Comedy

    7번방의 선물.jpg

    This movie stars my favourite actress, Park Shin-hye (박신혜), as a lawyer for her mentally ill father who was imprisoned for murder. I don’t want to give away too much of this story, so I will not give you any more plot information. However, I will say that this film made me laugh and cry like a baby. Excellent acting, a great story line and emotion filled.

  2. Memories of Murder ( 살인의 추억, 2003)
    Drama/ Mystery

    Memories of Murder poster.jpg

    This is an older movie, maybe the oldest in my list. It is based on the true events of Korea’s first serial murders on record. The movie follows two detectives trying to solve the crimes. After watching this movie, I found myself looking for all information on Korea’s first serial murders. I also found myself watching other dramas and another movie (Confessions of Murder, 2012) based on the same serial murders. This is the best of the movies I watched. (Some of the dramas were great but I will make a post about that another time!)
    What captured me about this movie which was actually recommended to me by a friend, is that I didn’t know any of the actors, so I could focus on their acting skills. They were great actors and I think the movie is also well directed.
    If you like drama/crime/thriller/mystery movies, check this movie out!

  3. The Wailing (곡성, 2016)


    The Wailing (film).png

    This movie was also recommended to me by another friend, and to be honest, I don’t know if I am thankful!
    Whenever I think about this movie I get scared. It is so disturbing. The first time I watched this movie, there were no English subtitles. At the time my Korean wasn’t the greatest, so I thought to myself, “what on earth is happening?!”…
    I watched it a second time, with English subtitles. I thought to myself, “what on earth is happening?!”…
    If you like horrors, this movie is for you.
    If you like thrillers, this movie is for you.
    If you like mysteries, this movie is for you.
    If you like movies like inception and the prestige this movie is for you.
    Watch this movie.
    (Plus, it stars one of my favourite actors, Hwang Jung-min (황정민)!!)

  4. Always (오직 그대만, 2011)


    This movie…
    I don’t really like romantic movies. They make me feel so lonely and I lose hope in love! But this movie, had such a gripping story line, I had to watch it. I am very glad that I did. Although, the tissues that were used that night probably don’t feel the same.
    I’ll just give you a short preview of the plot.
    The extremely handsome So Ji-sub (소지섭) is an ex-boxer.
    The beautiful Han Hyo-joo (한효주) is blind.
    Of course, they fall in love but it’s never easy in romantic movies.

  5. Spellbound (오싹한 연애, 2011)
    Comedy/ Romance/ Horror

    오싹한 연애에 대한 이미지 검색결과

    I thought that this movie was going to be a horror, but it was a comedy. It had a few jumpy scenes, but overall it is a funny movie! I also do not like comedies much, but this movie had me laughing!
    If you like horror comedies, this is a great movie for you!

  6. Memoir of a Murderer (살인자의 기억법, 2017) 

    memoirs of a murderer에 대한 이미지 검색결과

    This movie had me guessing the whole time! It has been a while since I have seen such a good thriller movie. Thriller is my favourite genre of movie. So, I have tried to watch as many thrillers as possible. This is one of the movies that I always think about when someone asks me for a recommendation.
    An interesting story of a serial killer who has Alzheimer’s disease.
    This movie is bound to keep you guessing about the truth.

    Based on the best-selling fiction book A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization by Kim Young-ha (김영하)

  7. Poetry (시, 2010)
    Drama/ Tragedy

    Poetry film poster.jpg

    I actually watched this movie when I was at home in London. I was shocked that there was a Korean movie available on Sky Movies, so I just decided to watch it.
    It was a great find.
    This movie is a tragedy.
    I think one of the things that I appreciate about Korean movies is that they are very good at showing emotions and making the audience feel sympathy for the actors.
    An elderly woman, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, is raising her grandson.
    This movie shows what a grandma would do to protect her grandson, even if he does not deserve it.
    It is a controversial topic and while I do not agree with the grandma helping the grandson, it is a movie. I tried to watch this movie while focusing on a grandmothers love as apposed to protecting people who have done something wrong.
    A greatly tragic movie.

  8. The Chaser (추격자, 2008)
    Crime/ Thriller

    The Chaser film poster.jpg

    I’m not sure why, but I thought I wrote a blog on this movie. I didn’t.
    A great crime thriller movie which is inspired by Korean serial killer, Yoo Young-Chul (유영철). I had heard about this serial killer before I had watched the movie, but it didn’t connect until I had watched the movie and researched it after. (I know I do things a bit backwards.)
    While I was watching this movie, I found myself really hating the main character. The film has excellent acting! This movie also had me guessing what was going to happen next.
    If you like watching movies or documentaries based on true crime, you may find this movie interesting.

  9. Forgotten (기억의 밤, 2017)
    Mystery/ Thriller

    Recall the Night (기억의 밤).jpg

    I think you guys can tell by now, I really like thriller movies.
    I watched this movie because it popped up as a suggestion on my TV. While I was watching it, I thought I knew what the story line was…
    I was left shocked because it wasn’t what it seemed like.
    A great watch which is action packed from the start.

    I have saved my favourite movie for last, so I hope you are still with me!

  10. Hide and Seek (숨바꼭질, 2013)

    Mystery/ Thriller

    Hide and Seek (2013) poster.jpg

    I have watched this films multiple times. I never get bored of it!
    Every time I watch this movie, I am just so amazed at how good of an actress Moon Jeong-hee (문정희) is! She is amazing!
    This movie also had me wondering what was going on the whole time! This was one of the first Korean thrillers I had watched. It is still my favourite!
    I suggest everyone watches this movie and while you are watching, please pay attention!

Well, there you have it! My top 10 Korean movies.
Of course, there are many more movies that I would like to suggest to you guys! However, for today, I tried to do my favourite movies that I think have not been seen by many of my international friends and followers.

Who knows, maybe there will be a part 2!

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My ratings for Korean dramas.

Before reading this post, please read the first part of my previous post here.

This post is going to be a list of Korean dramas I have watched and that I recommend, with the rating which I give them. The list will be in order of which dramas I think are worth watching first, but not in order of the number of stars I give the drama.

  1. 49 Days/ 49일 – ★★★★★49-Days15Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2011

    I cheated when rating this drama and even on my previous post I gave it more stars than the rating! But this is my favourite drama!

  2. Level 7 Civil Servant/ 7급 공무원 – ★★★☆☆Level-7-Civil-Servant-Poster-2-copyGenre: Action, Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2013
  3. Flower Boys Next Door/ 이웃집 꽃미남 – ★★★★★flowerboy1

     Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2013
  4. The Virus/ 더바이러스 – ★★★☆☆250px-The_Virus_-_Korean_Drama-p1Genre: Mystery, Action
    Aired: 2013

    You can read a review of this drama here.

  5. Fugitive: Plan B/ 도망자 Plan B – ★★★★★the-fugitive-plan-b-posterGenre: Action, Crime, Thriller, Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2010
  6. Personal Preference  Personal Taste / 개인의 취향 – ★★★★★230310-personal-taste2Genre: Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2010
  7. My Girlfriend is a nine tailed fox/ 내 여자친구는 구미호 – ★★★★★My_Girlfriend_is_a_Nine-Tailed_Fox_Korean_Drama_2010_4353_posterGenre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2010
  8. Iris/ 아이리스 – ★★★★★irisGenre: Action, Mystery, Thriller, Romance
    Aired: 2009
  9. To The Beautiful You/ 아름다운 그대에게 – ★★★★☆To-the-Beautiful-You-Poster1Genre: Romance, Comedy, Teen
    Aired: 2012
  10. City Hunter/ 시티헌터 – ★★★★★Min-Ho-City-Hunter-lee-min-ho-34383252-507-633Genre: Action, Crime, Suspense, Romance
    Aired: 2011
  11. Secret Garden/ 시크릿 가든 – ★★★★☆Secret-Garden31Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
    Aired: 2010-2011
  12. Boys over Flowers/ 꽃보다 남자 – ★★★☆☆Korean-Drama-Boys-Over-FlowersGenre: Romance, Teen, Comedy
    Aired: 2009

    Honestly, if I had watched this drama when I was 16, I would have given it full marks! But I’m just a bit too old for this drama. But Lee Min Ho is obviously perfect!

  13. Coffee Prince/ 커피프린스 1호점 – ★★★☆☆Coffee-Prince-2Genre: Romance, Comedy
    Aired: 2007
  14. Faith/ 신의 – ★★★☆☆faithGenre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Medical,
    Aired: 2012
  15. Dating Agency; Cyrano/ 연애조작단; 시라노 – ★★★☆☆Dating_Agency_Cyrano-0001Genre: Romance, Comdey
    Aired: 2013

So, there you go! That is the list of all Korean dramas I have watched. If you would like to read a bit about some of these please read here if you haven’t already!

If you watch any of these dramas or if you have already, please comment bellow on what mark you give it and why you liked or didn’t like it!

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My favourite Korean Dramas!

As you guys may or may not know, I love Korean Dramas. This time last year I had never watched a Korean drama because I was more of a Korean film fan, until one day, I found out that one of my favourite people, Rain, was the lead in a drama which aired in 2010. After watching Fugitive Plan B, I became addicted to watching Korean dramas!

I am at the stage where I believe I have watched enough dramas to create a list of my favourites. So here it is! It’s a bit hard for me to do a Top 10 list so I will list and write about the dramas I have watched. I only completed dramas which I liked so I recommend all of these. The are no spoilers! Don’t worry!

Originally I thought that I hadn’t watched that many dramas and thought I would write a little bit about all the dramas I have watched, but once I started writing this post I realised I have watched a lot! So this is a post with all the dramas which I think may not have been watched or that I truly love. Not to worry! I have also made another list here of all the dramas I have watched with the rating I give them! Enjoy!

The Virus/ 더바이러스.


Genre: Mystery, Action
Aired: 2013

I have written a review of this drama here so I won’t give a synopsis on this post. Please read my review as this is a great and unique drama.

 Fugitive: Plan B/ 도망자 Plan B


Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller, Romance, Comedy
Aired: 2010

This drama comes under many genres because it is a truly amazing drama. I finished this drama in just a couple of days because the end of each episode was a cliff hanger. Rain is an amazing actor and this drama, as mentioned before this drama was the beginning of my small obsession with Korean dramas!

I give it 5 stars! ★★★★★

My Girlfriend is a nine tailed fox/ 내 여자친구는 구미호


Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Aired: 2010

I can’t remember if somebody recommended this drama to me or if I stumbled across it, but I am thankful that I watched it! The stunning Shin Min Ah (신민아) is the main actress in this fantasy drama, along side Lee Seung Ki (이승기). Although this drama is romantic, it is original in it’s story line and kept me wanting to watch more! Shin Min Ah is really cute and this drama has the cutest scenes I have ever seen! It also has a cute soundtrack! It’s a must see!

I give this drama five stars out of five! ★★★★★

49 Days/ 49일49-Days15

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Aired: 2011

I can honestly say this is a drama which I have already watched twice and could re-watch right now. Possibly my favourite K-drama ever. This is a super unique story line which I thought would be cheesy at first, but this drama really tugged at my heart strings. I cried many times and laughed many times. Perfect cast which were all incredible actors. Betrayal from a best friend and a fiancé. But there is more than one love story in this drama. Outstanding.

I give this drama six stars out of five! ★★★★★

Flower Boys Next Door/ 이웃집 꽃미남


Genre: Romance, Comedy
Aired: 2013

There have been many ‘Flower Boy’ dramas but this is by far my favourite! It is cute, has a great sound track, flower boys (handsome guys) and helps young women get over fears and another female character to relate to (apart from knowing that it’s impossible to be surround by so many handsome guys unless you are super pretty). This drama is great for its comedy and sweetness. It is the ultimate romantic drama for me! My favourite drama of 2013! I made the mistake of watching it while it was airing so I had to wait a week to watch two episodes which sucked! But it also added joy to waiting for the drama all week. I was devastated when it finished because I didn’t want it to end!

Five stars from me! ★★★★★

Level 7 Civil Servant/ 7급 공무원


Genre: Action, Romance, Comedy
Aired: 2013

This is another drama which I watched while it was airing. This is a really cool drama! I love it when families are involved in dramas because it makes me imagine how my mum would act it I introduced her to a guy, or in this case, if she found a guy in my room! A cute drama with action! I recommend it because, again, it was different from other dramas I have watched or heard of! Really cute but does make you sad and excited. I really love this drama and recommend it highly but it is slightly forgetful. Even though my ex-boyfriend is training to be a civil servant, I managed to forget about it. I remembered this drama last while making this list. Considering its forgetfulness, I will give this drama a rating of…

Three out of Five. ★★★☆☆
=[ Sorry Joo Won (주원). I still love you! If it wasn’t for me forgetting this drama it would have gotten a Five out of Five.

City Hunter/ 시티헌터


Genre: Action, Crime, Suspense, Romance
Aired: 2011

This, along with Fugitive Plan B, is a drama which I could not recommend enough. Believe it or not, I don’t really like soppy romantic dramas. I love action. I mentioned in a previous post (read here) that when I was in Korea I met somebody who worked behind the scenes of City Hunter. I had no idea what City Hunter was about as I hadn’t watched any Korean dramas yet. But when I watched this drama, I was dumbfounded. This drama had me on the edge of my seat and similarly to Fugitive Plan B, I finished this drama in a couple of days. By far one of my favourite dramas and not just because Lee Min Ho (이민호) is the star. A must see drama.

Five out of five from me! ★★★★★

Another film staring the love of my life:

Personal Preference  Personal Taste / 개인의 취향


Genre: Romance, Comedy
Aired: 2010

This drama also stars the tall, dark and handsome Lee Min Ho! The difference here is this isn’t an action drama. This drama is funny but still serious. I would recommend this drama to anyone who likes to laugh. Although Lee Min Ho acts arrogant in this drama, I still can’t help but fall in love with him! This was the 4th Lee Min Ho drama I watched and I recommend it to those who like romance and who like to laugh! Son Ye Jin (손예진) never fails to make me laugh!

Five out of Five! ★★★★★

To The Beautiful You/ 아름다운 그대에게


Genre: Romance, Comedy, Teen
Aired: 2012

I’ve heard of many dramas where a girl disguises herself as a boy. However To The Beautiful You & Coffee Prince are the only two which I have finished. To The Beautiful You is a great drama for girls, as the cast consists of too many hot guys *cough cough* Seo Joon Young (서준영)! Although I am not a big fan of dramas where a girl disguises herself as a boy, this drama was fun and cute. What interested me about this drama is there is a white guy! This isn’t the first K-drama I have seen with a white guy but this is the first where the guy speaks Korean! So of course I researched and Julien Kang, is actually half Korean! Regardless, this is a good drama for its typical story line.

I give this drama four stars out of five. Mostly because of casting ★★★★☆

Dating Agency; Cyrano/ 연애조작단; 시라노


Genre: Romance, Comdey
Aired: 2013

Dating Agency: Cyrano is a funny drama. Not my favourite but I finished it which means it must be a bit good! Of course the reason might be Hong Jong Hyeon (홍종현)! There were a few episodes which really grabbed my attention and I really enjoyed. However, there were also some episodes which I was bored with. I also watched this drama at the same time it was airing, but never really looked forward to watching the next episode. Overall, it is an okay drama. 

I give it 3 stars out of 5. ★★★☆☆

Faith/ 신의


Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Medical,
Aired: 2012

Another one starring Lee Min Ho! This drama is different from the others I have seen. It is a historical film and I kinda liked it. It was a bit boring at times and dragged on for a while. But it has a really sweet ending and of course, Lee Min Ho! I like the action in this drama and also the clothing! Acting skills form actors apart form Lee Min Ho are really good. Unfortunately, I don’t know how this drama stands next to others which share a similar story as it’s the first historical drama I have watched. But it is worth watching at the least, one or two episodes to see if it is a drama made for you.

I give this drama three out of five. ★★★☆☆

Another serious drama:

Iris/ 아이리스


Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller, Romance
Aired: 2009

The reason why I started to watch Iris was because of Choi Seung Hyun (최승현), more commonly known as T.O.P (탑) & Lee Byung Hun (이병헌). I know I am bad, always watching dramas because the cast is hot. But then I discovered that the story line is better than the cast & I get sucked into the drama and forget that it isn’t reality. Iris reminds me of Fugitive Plan B & City Hunter because the story line isn’t about a stupid girl & a rich guy. Iris kept me on the edge of my seat and Lee Byung Hun is a very very talented actor.

You guessed it, five out of five! ★★★★★

Lastly, but definitely not least,

Secret Garden/ 시크릿 가든


Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
Aired: 2010-2011

I left this drama until the end of this post because I am sure many of you have already watched this drama. Secret Garden is a Korean version of Freaky Friday but with a twist! It is so funny and cute! I cried a lot at this drama, but I love how it showed the lead character as being a strong woman! Brilliant drama!

Four out of Five ★★★★☆

Well, that’s my list with brief descriptions of my favourite dramas! Don’t forget to read my extended list here.

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Review: Looper

What a film!! It has been a while since I have seen a Hollywood film that has had my full attention, so I am super glad that I went to see Looper yesterday!

This is going to be a short review because I don’t want to give anything away, but I will say that this film is a must see.

If you like films that keep you on the edge of your seat and have you think ‘What the hell?!’ This is the perfect film for you. I will say, make sure that you get into the cinema on time and do not miss one minute of this film because too much is going on. If you miss something, you might not understand the whole film. So, no drinks before or during this film, because I do not suggest toilet breaks!

This film has an original idea and is not like your generic action film. Although there is running, killing and blood, the story is so interesting that I think this film could work with out all the killing. (However the killing does have a big part to do with the film!)

I thought I knew what the ending would be and thought I had everything sussed out, but boy was I wrong!

If I had to compare it to another film, I would have to say it is a mix between Time Travellers Wife and Inception. Both genius films with an amazing concept, awesome visuals and great acting.

This has been a very brief review of the film because I fear that if I talk more about it, I might give away too much of what the film is about. But it is a film that keeps you guessing and is original.

***** 5 out of 5 for me!