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Special Day =]

May 24th is a very special day to me.

It marks the independence day of my country, Eritrea.
It also marks a very special persons birthday.

I have many close friends and many people who I consider to be my best friends but there is one amazing girl who I love and consider to be my sister. We have been friends since primary school. My first friend and someone who has been friends with me since then. We went to primary school together, secondary school together, 6th form together and we live in the same area. When we went our separate ways in university, we still stayed in contact and although we didn’t see each other as often as we used to, whenever we met, it was like we saw each other the day before. We have known each other for 21+ years and I love that we are still so close!

We have both been through a lot together and separately but we always support each other and I know that I can go to her for any reason and she will be there. I can’t imagine my life without here and she is one of the people who I miss the most while I am here in South Korea. 

Tanzy, you are my best friend, my sister and my wife =P. I am sorry that I suck at staying in contact and that I didn’t say goodbye to you properly before moving here. It would have been too painful and I probably would have changed my mind about coming if I had to say bye to you. I always say how much I love you and I talk about you often with my students when they ask who my best friend is. 
You have been through a lot but you still stay strong and smile. When I see you upset my heart breaks and I want to do anything to make you happy (who should I kill first?!). 

I will return to London, even if only for a holiday but when I do I am going to run to you in slow motion and give you a bear hug. I miss you and think about you everyday, 

Finally, happy birthday! I love you with all my heart! Come visit me in Koreaaaaa
I can’t believe we are 24… In Korea we are 25. So old. 

Love you!!

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2 years old!

Happy Birthday to my blog!! Today you turn two years old!


This week has been great for my blog! On Sunday I received my highest views ever on my blog, thanks to my blog post about the Jay Park concert. I received over 200 views from Korea alone and about 500 views all together in one day! And now it is my blogs birthday!

Thanks to the success of my Jay Park concert review, I am more determined to write more. Soooo, although I am not a K-Pop fan, I will be going to more K-Pop, K-Indie and K-HipHop shows. There are only a few shows in the UK, but the number of K-Pop concerts are increasing here, and I hope that K-Indie would become more popular or at the least, just have a few shows in London.

As today is my blogs birthday, I decided to read my first post and reflect on how much my blog has changed and grown.

Of course, visitors to the site have grown, but I believe my blog has kind of started to fit in to a target audience. I have always had an interest in Asian culture, but since I came back from Korea, it has been the main focus of my writing.

Having said that, my blog is still random and although I posting more about Korean related stuff, I will always have the random posts about other things.

I hope that my blog will become more successful in the future, and I think that will be more possible when I am in Korea. My goal is to receive more subscribers! Although I do get a lot of hits on here, I don’t have many subscribers (but to those of you who have subscribed, I love you the most!). With an increase of subscribers I believe my blog would be more interactive because I do want to talk with my blogs visitors and I want to write what you want me to write about. So comment below already!!

Honestly, thank you all for reading my blog posts, If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be so motivated to actually publish my blog posts. I hope this next year will be better than my last two and I hope my blog becomes more interesting for you.

Again, Happy 2nd birthday blog!!!

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Happy Birthday Mummy!

Today is the birthday of the greatest woman in my life.

You have provided me with everything I ever wanted. You’ve stayed strong through the hardest times. Even though this year has been tough, you kept your head up high and focused on getting better for Dalia & I.

You are the greatest woman in the world & I hope to be half as amazing as you. My inspiration.

Love you mummy xx