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Going back to the start.

These past few weeks I’ve been wondering about what I can do to revive my blog. I was thinking about what things interest me and also things that I have written about in the past.

While I was going through some blogs made by people who are like me, foreign and living in Korea, I was thinking if I could do something like them.

The one that interested me the most was A fat girls guide. Hands down my favourite blog at the moment. I was wondering if I could do something like her blog and start blogging about food. But there is a big problem. Even though I am a fat girl, I don’t eat much. When I do eat, I have small portions and I can barely finish a burger unless I haven’t had anything to eat all day. It hurts because I love food. Also, I don’t have much time since I am always tired once I finish work and I just want to go home and sleep.

So, a food blog is out of the question.

I don’t really want to change my routine since I have almost no free time as it is. So I thought about what I like to do when I am at home, or what I can do when I am at home. This weekend was the first weekend in a long time where I spent a Saturday night at home with my fluffbaby Aurora. All we did was re-watch Lost.

Suddenly, just before I started writing this blog post, it hit me.

I enjoy watching dramas, series, soap operas and movies. I don’t think I’ve missed an episode of Home and Away since 2005… and none of you needed to know that.

I remembered that I used to write Korean drama and movie reviews. I wish that I was more of a music writer since I love music but I don’t have time to go to concerts, and nobody to go with me! *cries in silence*.

So… drum roll please…

I’m going to start writing drama and movie reviews again. I don’t know how long it will last for but at least for a while I am going to focus on reviewing. I’ve watched a thousand movies and a few dramas since I have been in Korea, therefore I AM SURE! Sure that I can keep this up and write blog posts regularly. It is becoming my mission to watch at least 2 movies a week and review them. And possibly 1 drama over 2 weeks… I bulk watch dramas.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

For those of you who have only been reading my blog since I created Kimchi Kebab, go and check out my original blog Dina Daily or by clicking the Review tab on the menu. There you can see the blogs that I used to do and the many reviews that I wrote.

I hope you guys are looking forward to the new posts!


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You dropped your, urm…shoe?

Yet another blog post on my bus journey home. This is becoming a habit.

I was on a bus and witnessed the strangest thing. A guy comes on the bus, wear beige & brown from head to toe. He doesn’t have any bags and takes a seat at the front of the bus. He proceeds for about 3 stops. He gets off but I didn’t notice until I looked at the floor and saw one of his shoes.

How do you forget your shoe?

As I have small feet, my shoe does slip off my foot every now and again but it is something you notice!

What made it more strange waa the guy near him, wearing two shoes, stared at me for most of my journwy. As I got up to get off & catch my next bus, I dropped my lipstick. The guy staring at me picks it up and calls me back. He gives it to me & I get off wondering why he didn’t tell the guy that he left his shoe.

Then again, what would you say? ‘Excuse me you dropped your, urm… shoe’?! hahaha

Possibly the weirdest things I have seen left behind!

What’s the weirdest thing you guys have seen?

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2 years old!

Happy Birthday to my blog!! Today you turn two years old!


This week has been great for my blog! On Sunday I received my highest views ever on my blog, thanks to my blog post about the Jay Park concert. I received over 200 views from Korea alone and about 500 views all together in one day! And now it is my blogs birthday!

Thanks to the success of my Jay Park concert review, I am more determined to write more. Soooo, although I am not a K-Pop fan, I will be going to more K-Pop, K-Indie and K-HipHop shows. There are only a few shows in the UK, but the number of K-Pop concerts are increasing here, and I hope that K-Indie would become more popular or at the least, just have a few shows in London.

As today is my blogs birthday, I decided to read my first post and reflect on how much my blog has changed and grown.

Of course, visitors to the site have grown, but I believe my blog has kind of started to fit in to a target audience. I have always had an interest in Asian culture, but since I came back from Korea, it has been the main focus of my writing.

Having said that, my blog is still random and although I posting more about Korean related stuff, I will always have the random posts about other things.

I hope that my blog will become more successful in the future, and I think that will be more possible when I am in Korea. My goal is to receive more subscribers! Although I do get a lot of hits on here, I don’t have many subscribers (but to those of you who have subscribed, I love you the most!). With an increase of subscribers I believe my blog would be more interactive because I do want to talk with my blogs visitors and I want to write what you want me to write about. So comment below already!!

Honestly, thank you all for reading my blog posts, If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be so motivated to actually publish my blog posts. I hope this next year will be better than my last two and I hope my blog becomes more interesting for you.

Again, Happy 2nd birthday blog!!!

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100th Post & a new me!

animated_gif_clipart_birthday_070Woooo! So this is my 100th Blog post. I know I have been absent, yet again, however, I have had good enough reasons!

I have now finished university! The problem was, I made some friends who are freaking awesome! But they were from America and Korea. They were only in London until the 26th of April and 3rd of May. =[ So I hung out with them a lot until they left. Unfortunately, my dissertation was due on the 7th of May.
I did finish my work on time but this meant that I have had no personal time. With mum still being in hospital and working on my dissertation I had no time to update my blog even when my friends had left. I even spent my birthday writing my dissertation!!
After I handed in my dissertation I decided after 4 years of university life, I need some me time to catch up on dramas, play games and just be lazy!

However, now that I have free time, although mum is still in hospital and I am doing a short course, I will be posting on here regularly again. I also don’t have a job any longer so I have weekends free. I will be dedicating two days a week to blogging! I will try to be interesting!

Again, if there are any topics you would like me to blog about, please let me know. Stay tuned!