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Prince Harry vs The Sun

I know everyone is writing about Prince Harry, but today I decided that I need to say something. And what better way to say it in a lovely blog post!

Tonight, as my mum was watching the news, I heard the reporter say that The Sun, are going to publish the naked photos that were taken of Prince Harry in Vegas. In my mind, there were 1000 bells ringing because I think there are so many problems with The Sun publishing this photo.

The Sun stated that: “We are publishing the photos because we think Sun readers have a right to see them. The reasons for that go beyond this one story.” 

I believe that although, yes the public want to see the pictures of Harry, they have many other ways of seeing these photos without having it published in British Newspapers. Not only that, but, Prince Harry naked was yesterday’s news. If they wanted to publish it because they think that the public deserve to see it and we are too dumb to go on to the internet and search it ourselves, they would have published it yesterday, or today. Why tomorrow? I think The Sun just wants to humiliate Harry more than he has already been.

Yes I know, as a Royal he shouldn’t be taking part in such activities, but he is 27 and a human, he deserves to have fun and if being naked is the way he wants to have fun, so be it. 

The main reason I have decided to write this post is pretty simple. If The Sun publishes the photos of Harry, it shows the rest of the world that British newspapers and Journalists do not respect Prince Harry or the Royal family for that matter. As a nation, we should be most accepting of Harry, even when he makes mistakes, we should protect him and that means, not publish his naked photo. 

Now I am all for Press freedom, but really, I don’t think there can be total Press freedom as it would probably cause more problems than it’ll solve. And humiliating a member of our Royal family, does not make British media look good.

I suppose we all have the right to see the photos of Harry if we want to, so it is not necessary for it to be published in a popular British Newspaper. It just magnifies the quality difference between Tabloid and Broadsheet newspapers.

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Crazy day!

I had the strangest day!
The first strange encounter was a man trying to sell me ‘The Big Issue’, and he got annoyed at the fact that I didn’t have any change. I’m not going to give him a £10 note. & he didn’t even have the badge on.
10 minutes later, he tried to sell it to me again. o_O.

About two hours later, I was waiting for my bus with my awesome friend Toni. A guy came up to us & asked if we knew where the womens hostel was. One, if it’s a womens hostel, hate to break it to ya sweety, you aren’t getting in! Two, the way he looked at us & the way he asked made it seem as if it was a secret code for like a brothel or something!

After that we got on our bus, then a guy gets mad & starts shouting at the guys sitting behind us. He then tells Toni & I that we are pretty. Then he decided to propose to Toni! He got down on one knee! When Toni ignored him (& I was dying of laughter at this point), he decides, if he can’t have Toni, he must marry her off to every guy sitting behind us!

Me & Toni got freaked out & went downstairs. After about 10mins, everyone apart from the weirdo, came downstairs in fits of laughter. We never found out what happened to Toni’s admirer.

Hope you had an interesting day too!