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I don’t know why people think it’s okay to doubt your dreams.

I want to live in LA after university. I want to be a presenter or an investigative journalist, I want to fall in love like how it happens in movies & fairytales.

If you asked me what I want to do after university, listen to me. I didn’t ask you to tell me how impossible my dreams are so please, keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

I know it’s hard to make it in LA, but I’d rather struggle to get the job I love, than be in a job I don’t have the most passion for.
I know I’m a mummys’ girl & I find it hard to think about living without her, but she encourages me & it gives me tge strength to plan out & act on my dreams because I want her to be happy & proud of me.

If anyone tells you that you won’t make it, or ‘that is a very competitive industry’, don’t listen to them. When you doubt yourself & your dreams, that is when you will fail. Always think positive, ignore negativity & believe in yourself. =]

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It’s so hard. (that’s what she said) hehe!

Okay I’m seriously finding it soo hard to loose weight! I love food too much. I know I should cut down on carbs, and make me portions smaller (although my portions are already tiny), but I just can’t. I know that I can lose weight because I have bedn slimmer, but I feel as if I don’t have time.

My life has been kinda crazy since my grandma came to visit from back home. She’s not very well so I don’t like leaving her for long. And most of my time is spent at work. -_-

But now I’m seriously going to take time out to work out. Even if that means losing a few hours sleep (=[ ).
I need to get slim again & stop wasting £25 for a gym membership I haven’t used in 3 months.

Please leave me words of encouragment!