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Day 1: 10 facts about me.

If you asked your friends to tell you 10 facts about yourself, what would they say? Would their facts be the same as facts that you think of?

As I have been living alone and have had a lot of time to think, I have been wondering who I really am. If someone asked me to tell them 10 facts about myself, what would I say? Honestly, if I was asked randomly, I wouldn’t know how to answer.

So, to prepare myself for the off chance that someone will ask me one day, here are 10 facts about me.


1. I am Dina.

I know, it’s the most obvious fact about myself (unless you haven’t asked me my name or you are oblivious to my name). But it’s still a fact!

2. I have never broken a bone before.

Lucky, right? I get asked a lot because I am so clumsy. I’m glad I’ve never broken a bone but, I always wish that I had a cool story when I am asked.

3. I learnt 3 mother tounges.

This one needs an explanation. I learnt 3 languages as I was growing up and I am not sure which one I became more fluent in first.

4. I am 27 and have only had 1 serious relationship.

5. I am obsessed with buying house-ware.

When I go shopping, I spend more on candles, pillows, cups and blankets, than on clothes.

6. I want to be an interior designer.

It’s been a dream of mine for a long time. Bought on by my addiction to buying house-ware?

7. I don’t have any allergies (that I know of).

I hope it stays that way!

8. I dance and sing in my room and pretend I am famous.

Embarrassing but I am finally comfortable enough with myself to tell other people! Maybe I should keep it to myself though.

9. I haven’t worn trousers of any sort (apart from leggings) for about 9 years.

Mostly because I find them uncomfortable. I have a big arse and when I find trousers that fit my booty, they are to big on my legs and make me feel and look bigger than I am. So, dresses, skirts and tights have been my look for a long long time.

10. I cry very easily.

Sad songs, TV shows, movies, hearing a beautiful singing voice, cute animals/children, almost anything.

Bonus. I like animals more than children.


I’m really curious about you guys, so please let me know some facts about you! Even just one would be enough to make me feel more of a connection with you. To my friends, tell me a fact about you that you think I don’t know!

By the way, in order to get myself back in blogging mode, I am taking on a 30 day challenge! Let’s hope I can stick with it and please support me by liking my posts and commenting! Thankies