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Twitter App: Android Fail.

I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S2 for about a month now. It is a great phone, but the main thing I use my phone for is Twitter & Android fails to deliver a perfect app for Twitter.

Before upgrading, I had an iPhone 3Gs. I used to use Echofon for Twitter & I was very happy with the app.

Now I am on Android, I have tried about 7 apps, none of them are good enough. I’ve tried; the Twitter app, TweetDeck, TweetCaster, Twicca, Plume & a few more. Plume is the only half decent one.

What I want from an app is a simple thing to ask for. I want my lists to have a column which loads at launch. Echofon had it, why is it that Android fails to have an app that does this?

If any of you know a Twitter app that has this feature, please let me know!

Also, I really miss Instagram! I think, iPhone & Android should join forces & make the ultimate phone!

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Weirdo pt 3!

Hey! I have failed you once again. I did not make a post yesterday because my lovely grandma was supposed to have an eye operation.

So today, two posts are coming your way!

The first is photos I just took of my baby, Roari!




Roari is in love with this red toy rat. He has had her since he was 3 months old.
He tried to hump her before he was nuetered.
He can’t walk past with out pouncing on her.
He takes her into every room with him.
He even shouts & moans at her! (I’ll try to record him next time!).

She is his wife! But she doesn’t have a name. Please suggest names & I’ll pick one! I know I’m crazy for wanting to name my cats toy, but trust me! She needs a name & I will do sonething funny with Roari & his wife!