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So what?!

I love Zachary Quinto! & I’m kinda annoyed that people think I can’t fancy him or it’s disgusting & pointless that I do because he is gay.

Him being gay does not mean he has to be denyed his hotness! He is hot no matter what sexuality he is.

I think people need to get over the fact that some people like people of the same gender. How & why does it effect you?! Mind your own business. And live your own life.

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You know when you like someone so much, you don’t have the confidence to talk to them, but you know you have to?

I’ve had a crush on this guy for over a year now, and tonight, I got the confidence up to actually speak to him! It was an awkward conversation about music but I can’t believe I actually had the guts to speak to him!

Now that’s over, I hope I have the confidence to speak to him next time I see him!

But now I’m left with 1000 questions that really need to be answered! Like if he has a girlfriend, does he think I’m cute. But I did find out he’s got a twin, which kinda freaks me out but is super cute!

Urgh I really hopes he likes me!

So guys, I need your help! What should I do the next time I see him?! & how can I tell if he likes me?!