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*rubs eyes* Am I seeing correctly?! 박재범 is coming to the UK?!

After years of tweeting him with my fellow British K-Pop fan (@bangtaehyung) Jay Park has finally decided to bless British soil with his presence.

Jay Park announced on Instagram that he will hold his first European tour in September 2013.

Although not much information has been released about dates and tickets I am glad to see that he has finally decided to come to Europe! =D

We are ready for you Jay!

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Twitter App: Android Fail.

I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S2 for about a month now. It is a great phone, but the main thing I use my phone for is Twitter & Android fails to deliver a perfect app for Twitter.

Before upgrading, I had an iPhone 3Gs. I used to use Echofon for Twitter & I was very happy with the app.

Now I am on Android, I have tried about 7 apps, none of them are good enough. I’ve tried; the Twitter app, TweetDeck, TweetCaster, Twicca, Plume & a few more. Plume is the only half decent one.

What I want from an app is a simple thing to ask for. I want my lists to have a column which loads at launch. Echofon had it, why is it that Android fails to have an app that does this?

If any of you know a Twitter app that has this feature, please let me know!

Also, I really miss Instagram! I think, iPhone & Android should join forces & make the ultimate phone!