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The other day in my News Reporting lecture, I wrote an artical in a ‘new journalism’ style. The style is actually about 50 years old but it’s an article which is writen in a novel style.

I read mine out in the lecture & my lecturer loved it!

That wasn’t the only good thing. Since I read a lot of books, the other day I was wondering why I hadn’t picked to study creative writing. But with this style of ‘new journalism’ I can write the way I like while reporting news! =D

Yay for positivity!!

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I can never decide what to wear in the mornings. It is the hardest thing to do & it always makes me late.

I know, ‘why don’t you get your outfit set out the night before?’ I do that & then I never feel like wearing that outfit in the morning!

I wish someone could force me to wear something in the morning!

Goodnight! & wish me luck for the super early lecture I have tomorrow!