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It’s been ages!


I feel like not a lot of people follow this blog, so I feel like I am talking to myself! But if you do come across my blog, HEY!!!

Update on me:

I finished level two of my degree in early May. As I had a lot of spare time on my hand, I thought I would start blogging more. However, I have had the busiest two months. I’ll explain.

So in January, I applied for a job that my friend recommended me for. They called me back in April and asked me to come in for an interview! As you all know I hate my current job, I was ecstatic! So I went in, it went well. One week later I got a phone call telling me that I have got the job!
(But unfortunately, I am still stuck at my old job because the new one is not permanent yet.)
I started work there last week and I love it!! The people are nice, the job is interesting, I’m happy!

I know, a new job doesn’t make life overly busy. So here is the big news!

I am going to Korea to study for a month!! I’m not sure if you know, but I love East, North-East and South-East Asian culture!! So this is an amazing opportunity for me! My university is paying for tuition and accommodation, so all I pay for is flights and spending money!

I am very excited! SO… hopefully when I am out there, I will do vlogs and more blog posts since I will have something specific to talk about!

Anyway, it’s time for me to sleep as I have work tomorrow morning! But I will be updating you guys (if there is anyone there) very soon!

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Victor King

Victor Kim – Victor King EP

Victor Kim has finally released a long awaited album. Although it is only an EP, I am very satisfied!

Victor Kim has a laid back style to his singing and never fails to please me. He is an amazingly talented person, not only does he sing, he also plays guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, drums, he is an amazing artist and he dances! And on top of all of that, he is good looking!

The Victor King EP has only 5 songs, but these 5 songs are all so good! The EP features the comedy freestyle song, Spam, featuring YouTube comedians, Ryan Higa (NigaHiga) and Kevin Wu (KevJumba). But, Spam is not the best song on the EP. Through Thick and Thin and the amazing heart-filled song, Free Your Mind featuring Dumbfounded, definitely stand out.

This EP is definitely worth buying.