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I was just watching Superman (see my last post) and I decided to do some research on Christopher Reeve. I knew he was in a wheel chair. But I had no idea what a journey he went on. Christopher Reeve has always been one of my favourite actors. But I am so inspired by him now.

I’m going to read his autobiographies. As I am already inspired by the information I read about him from when he had his accedent up to his death. So I can only guess how inspired I’m going to be after reading his autobiographies.

Christopher Reeve was an amazing actor, but he did more than just give us the awesomeness of Superman. He has helped and inspired loads of people and he was an amazing person. And the definition of a fighter.

If you haven’t read about Christopher Reeve’s life, please do.

Rest In Piece & I hope that he knew that he inspired and helped thousands of people.

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My sundays are very boring. It usually consists of sitting around, reading or watching TV.

As I’ve finished the Hunger Games Trilogy, I have nothing to read. So I decided to watch a film.

Superman (1978) .

I’ve never watched this Superman as I didn’t like films until recently. I’m glad I decided to watch it today because it’s a good film! The first 45 minutes are as boring as hell, but the rest is worth watching! & Christopher Reeve (R.I.P) was a hunk!!!

What other films should I watch?