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Weirdo pt 3!

Hey! I have failed you once again. I did not make a post yesterday because my lovely grandma was supposed to have an eye operation.

So today, two posts are coming your way!

The first is photos I just took of my baby, Roari!




Roari is in love with this red toy rat. He has had her since he was 3 months old.
He tried to hump her before he was nuetered.
He can’t walk past with out pouncing on her.
He takes her into every room with him.
He even shouts & moans at her! (I’ll try to record him next time!).

She is his wife! But she doesn’t have a name. Please suggest names & I’ll pick one! I know I’m crazy for wanting to name my cats toy, but trust me! She needs a name & I will do sonething funny with Roari & his wife!

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Crazy day!

I had the strangest day!
The first strange encounter was a man trying to sell me ‘The Big Issue’, and he got annoyed at the fact that I didn’t have any change. I’m not going to give him a £10 note. & he didn’t even have the badge on.
10 minutes later, he tried to sell it to me again. o_O.

About two hours later, I was waiting for my bus with my awesome friend Toni. A guy came up to us & asked if we knew where the womens hostel was. One, if it’s a womens hostel, hate to break it to ya sweety, you aren’t getting in! Two, the way he looked at us & the way he asked made it seem as if it was a secret code for like a brothel or something!

After that we got on our bus, then a guy gets mad & starts shouting at the guys sitting behind us. He then tells Toni & I that we are pretty. Then he decided to propose to Toni! He got down on one knee! When Toni ignored him (& I was dying of laughter at this point), he decides, if he can’t have Toni, he must marry her off to every guy sitting behind us!

Me & Toni got freaked out & went downstairs. After about 10mins, everyone apart from the weirdo, came downstairs in fits of laughter. We never found out what happened to Toni’s admirer.

Hope you had an interesting day too!

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I have a cat. The cutest cat in the world! But he has his super weird moments. I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old & now, he’s just over a year old. So I have still got a bit more to learn about him because everytime I think I’ve figured him out, he does something cute, adorable or strange.

I was enjoying a lovely pot of no-gelatine Jelly yesterday, when the fluff ball decided he wanted to try some. He’s never had jelly before so I was soooo shocked when I gave him some because he lapted it up as if it was milk!

This got me thinking about what other strange things Roari likes. He enjoys; plastic bags, water bottle tops, peacock feathers, Ribena, Cheese, the DVD player, Wii & my hair. I can’t think of more. But he is very strange! & I love it!

Follow Roari on twitter @RoariDinosaurrr ! (I know, it’s obvious where he got his weirdness from)!


Do you have any pets that do weird things?!