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How to decide on a New Years resolution.

Every year, we set ourselves new years resolutions. But do we stick to them?… I know I don’t!

But deciding what to make my new years resolution, is just as complicated as keeping it!

There are the usual resolutions like; Lose weight; get confident; stick to the gym routine; save money; think positive; don’t swear and many more that seem to fail. Maybe I failed to keep my new years resolution because I set things that were boring and that I haven’t got any interest in (although I’d love to be a size 10).

This year, after thinking about it for about a week, I’ve decided my New Years resolution is, to be more creative. I have 3 guitars that I do not know how to play, I have a good quality art set that I’ve never used, I have 3 cameras that I barely take pictures & videos with and the list goes on! So I’ve decided that I will learn to play guitar, use my cameras properly and use my art kit as well as other creative things I have an interest in that I have not pursued before.

Another aspect of my ‘be creative’ new years resolution, is to do more journalism. Some may think Journalism isn’t creative, but it is! If you are doing an interview, yes you have your questions planned before the interview, but you never know how the person you are interviewing is going to answer, so you have to think of questions on the spot. I think that involves creativity.

So for your resolution for the new year, think of something that interests you and make that your new years resolution.

=] Good Luck!



I'm Dina. A British Eritrean girl living in South Korea! I hope you enjoy my blog!

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