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Day 6: Whats in my bag?

I love watching videos of people doing ‘What’s in my bag’. But I never thought about doing a blog version before!

So, here it is!

The most important thing that I always have in my bag is, headphones. I need them for cases like this where I have been stuck in traffic for 40 minutes. I would have been going crazy if I didn’t have my headphones in my bag!

Next is my purse. My cards, money, ID.

I always have a makeup bag which has my lipstick and tint in it. I also put my perfume and an amazing product I found called ‘All look out’. Most of the Korean foods I eat are red. During the summer, I love to wear white. And I am the clumsiest person ever when I am wearing white. This product gets stains out on the spot.

I have a pack of tissues and sometimes I have gum!

I used to be one of those people with big bags and everything but the kitchen sink in it. But now, I like clutch bags and smaller bags so I have changed my ways and become more simple!

Would you guys like me to do a vlog version of this blog post? Let me know what you guys keep in your bag!



I'm Dina. A British Eritrean girl living in South Korea! I hope you enjoy my blog!

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