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Review: La riche – Directions Hair Colour – Plum

I decided to change my hair colour again!

I have used so many purple hair dyes, from so many different brands. Not one of them is half as good as La riche’s Directions Hair Colour.

I mentioned in my ‘Hair Colour’ post, that I have had almost every colour hair. Every colour except from Black, have been possible because La riche’s Directions Hair Colour.

First I’ll give a little information on Directions hair colour:

Directions is a semi-permanent conditioning hair colour that was established in 1981. Directions hair colour comes in 34 different shades which are all of intense colour. It does not require any mixing. You just apply it from the tub. =]

But I am going to review the colour Plum in this post. (If you want me to review another colour just let me know! I’m sure I’ve tried almost all of them!)

Plum is an amazing hair colour. It adds a splash of colour without being too in your face bright. I’ve had this colour before but decided to go back to it because it is such an awesome colour. Usually when using Directions hair colours, I have to lighten my hair a bit because my natural hair colour is too dark for anything to show up. But this time I decided to do it over dark brown hair (My hair was red, then I went over it with black, then it faded to a dark reddish/brown colour). It came out perfect. To me it looks black because the lighting in my house is really bad since there is no sun in London, but when I see my friends, they tell me how intense and amazing the colour is!

Directions is very conditioning and you can even mix it with your regular conditioner for extra conditioning (and a top up of colour without using too much product).

Le riche’s Directions colour does fade, but there is plenty in the tub for me to do my whole head 2/3 times. (My hair is shoulder length and very very thick) And even if it only lasts you the one application, I buy my tubs for £2.99, which is cheaper than any other hair dye I have used, to I’d just buy another one. It is also good that the colour fades because instead of having to lighten my hair with a bleach, I can just wait for the colour to fade and apply a new colour!

If you like bold, intense colour, I recommend buying any Directions hair colour. It has never failed me.



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4 thoughts on “Review: La riche – Directions Hair Colour – Plum

  1. I have dyed red/copper hair I want to go for intense purple doesnt matter if its dark or lolipop like. So I was thinking about dyed it straiht purple or if I HAVE to dye it dakr maybe brown or black first? My natural hair is medium brown but if a bleach it turns out kinda reddish orange it seems my base is reddish. Anyway, Im still researching on hoe to do it. Now the red color is turning a little brownish like my color and kinda dool. I would appreciate any suggestions, thanks!


    1. Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for your comment! =]

      To answer your question, it really depends on what hair dye you use. When I went Purple it was right after I had red hair. The colour that came out was perfect! I loved it. I would recommend dying it over the hair colour you have now, rather than going black or brown. If you go Black first and then purple, the colour will not show. Simply because black is the darkest and nothing lighter will show on top of it.

      In regards to bleaching, I don’t think you need to. If you want a really light purple, you will have to bleach it white blonde before it’ll show. Since your hair is red/copper, I would suggest going a deep purple, this way you don’t have to bleach your hair and it won’t get damaged from bleaching.

      I hope you find my suggestion helpful and thank you for visiting my blog! If you have suggestions on other blog posts that will interest you, please let me know. =]


    1. Hello, sorry for the super late reply.
      It depends on how often you wash your hair. But it lasted about 1-2 months on my unbleached hair. The colour stays on unbleached hair longer, but again it depends on how often you wash your hair. It does fade a bit with every wash but you can top up by diluting it with conditioner and putting it on every time you wash your hair.
      Good Luck!


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