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Lotte Giants!

Well today has been eventful! I got my visa and got a taxi to the aiport which was cheaper than on the way to the Korean embassy (3,000 JPY). I took a different route and say amazing buildings.

I got to the airport 6 hours before my flight. A bunch of Handsome Korean men sat next to me and were talking in Busan dialect. I messaged some friends mentioning that I thought they were a sports team.
After an hour I realised they had the same bags as each other. I ignored it and watched The Walking Dead so I could distract myself. When the episode ended I googled ‘Korean Giants’ because they had ‘Giants’ written on their bags.

Lotte Giants Baseball team.

=D good day! I should have fan girled  bit and gotten pictures but they were already looking at me weird cause of the fat DSLR around my neck!

An interesting day!



I'm Dina. A British Eritrean girl living in South Korea! I hope you enjoy my blog!

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