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Lonely Lover

Feeling lonely and being able to admit it is not easy to do. Therefore, admitting it to other people is difficult.

lonely flower


As all of you know this is my first time living away from my parents. Unlike other people I didn’t just move to another city in the UK. I moved all the way to South Korea.
I love my independence although I miss my family very much. But, I have faced many challenges that people find hard to see the difficulties. Overcoming loneliness is not one of them as I don’t think being lonely is necessarily a bad thing.

Being lonely may seem negative. I thought it was a negative thing too, until I learnt to enjoy spending time by myself. This happened long before I came to Korea. I enjoyed going to coffee shops, going to the park, traveling and even sitting in class by myself. It’s not that I didn’t have friends to do this stuff with, I just enjoyed my own company. Life was easy and I had nothing to worry about.

However, now I am facing so many problems in my life, sometimes I don’t like being alone. I accept it and I still enjoy my own company, but I have too much time to think. I don’t want to think about all the negative things that are happening in my life right now. That’s one reason why I would rather spend time with other people at the moment. And not just anyone. I want to spend time with people who I can be myself around and people who I actually care about.

Last night, I spent time by myself and for the first time in a while, I enjoyed my own company again. I cooked, watched dramas, listened to music and wrote a few emails (Yeah I know, old fashioned). During the day I wanted to hang out with people. But then in the evening when people started inviting me out, I realised I just wanted to have a relaxed night.

Anyway this blog posts purpose is to make one thing clear. If I ask you to hangout, be happy because I like being around you! And although I sometimes complain about being lonely, I secretly enjoy it. Just not when I am stressed. If I hated being alone why would I have come half way across the world?

Instead of thinking about other people when you are alone, try to enjoy your own company. At the end of the day, you are always around yourself.



I'm Dina. A British Eritrean girl living in South Korea! I hope you enjoy my blog!

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