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Blog. I am so sorry I have neglected you for a long time. My life has been so busy and I didn’t even have much time to breathe let alone blog.

However, all is about to change as I am posting this from…. Seoul!!

I am finally back!

I managed to get a lovely job and I am going to be based in the centre of Seoul! It hasn’t been an easy road, but things seem to be picking up nicely!

I left London on the 23rd of February, landed here on the 24th. I started my orientation and met so many amazing people already. I also managed to meet up with a few of my friends. I have to make a visa run to Japan on Monday, and then I start working officially!

I just can’t wait to settle in my new apartment and start to get a routine together. I really want to explore Korea this time round. Last time I did no tourist activities. But now that I am here for at least one year, bring on the new adventures.

With new adventures come more blog posts. I have my lovely camera with me so I will be able to not only tell you guys about great things, but show you too.


But now I need to go and fight off this jetlag. >.<

See you soon!



I'm Dina. A British Eritrean girl living in South Korea! I hope you enjoy my blog!

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